Positions are available from 2022 Fall Term !

2022年2月11日 orisys

Positions are available from 2022 Fall Term !

Doctoral students positions are available in Prof. Hongyu Yu’s research group, Department of Mechanical and Aeronautics, HKUST!

Professor Yu (orisys.hkust.edu.hk) worked at Arizona State University in the United States from 2008 to 2017. Since 2018, he has been teaching in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Professor Yu’s professional background is MEMS, micro-machining-based integrated manufacturing and related devices. The research in HKUST include:

1. Flexible and stretchable structures, materials, devices and systems, including aerospace, medical and Applications in electronics,

2, MEMS/NMES sensors and systems,

3, Soft robotics and related controls.

According to the different career aspirations of students, such as entering academia or industry or starting their businesses, Professor Yu’s purpose in cultivating students is to strive to do meaningful fundamental research while emphasizing the practical application of scientific research and striving for practical and commercialization. , and industrialization.

Doctoral students (PhD) enjoy generous scholarships during their study at the school, each of which is not less than 200,000 Hong Kong dollars per year. Postgraduate tuition is about 40,000 Hong Kong dollars a year.

Additional scholarships are offered to academically outstanding doctoral students to cover tuition fees.


Undergraduate majors in mechanics, aviation, precision instruments, electronics, materials, physics, chemical engineering, etc., graduate on or before July 2022, with excellent grades, have practical experimental experience, or like hands-on experiments. Students who already have micromachining experience are especially welcome.


Please send your resume and transcript (no official documents are required) to Prof. Yu: hongyuyu@ust.hk



于教授(orisys.hkust.edu.hk)2008-2017年在美国的亚利桑那州立大学任教。2018年至今在香港科技大学机械和航空系任教。于教授专业背景是以MEMS,微加工为主的集成制造及其器件及相关应用,在港科大科研方向包括:1,柔性可拉伸结构,材料,器件和系统,包括在航空航天,医疗和家用电子产品方面的应用,2,MEMS/NMES传感器和系统,3, 软体机器人及相关控制。





联系方式:请将您的简历和成绩单(不需要正式件)发给Prof. Yu: hongyuyu@ust.hk